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Don’t miss the event of the year! The 5th Migrant Business Show happens in London and this time we’re bigger and better than ever. We’re also hosting The UK’s first Migrant Entrepreneur Awards to celebrate the success of migrant entrepreneurs and promote business diversity and integration in the UK.

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Promoting integration

The 5th Migrant Business Show is now the biggest migrant business event in the UK. We’re celebrating the diversity of the entrepreneurial community as well as integration between British and migrant entrepreneurs.

120 Exhibitors

Meet SMEs owners and entrepreneurs

from all over the world exhibiting at the show. It’s the friendliest and most welcoming atmosphere you will ever experience. From South to North America, Africa to Europe, Middle East to Australasia.



Join over 200 attendees per session

to learn about marketing, PR, finance, public speaking, sales, branding, and many more subjects. At the event, we will have migrant and British entrepreneurs doing keynote presentations on stage.


Houses Of Parliament

Migrant Business Show

The hosting venue for the 5th Migrant Business Show is the Amba Hotel in Marble Arch and the Entrepreneur Awards will be held at the Houses of Parliament, one of the most iconic landmark buildings in the world. The awards ceremony starts at 7pm and is by invitation only.


Event Schedule

  • Amba Hotel Marble Arch
    Bryanston St - London - W1H 7EH

  • 27 Apr 2019
    10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

  • 2000 Attendees
    120 exhibitors

  • Awards Ceremony
    & After-party

10.00 AM - 5.00 PM


1 Exhibitors
10.00 AM - 5.00 PM

Obaseki Solicitors

Senior Partner

1 Exhibitors
Obaseki Solicitors
10.00 AM - 5.00 PM


Tech PR platform

1 Exhibitors
10.00 AM - 5.00 PM

Rhodes ADV

Mortgage Advisor

1 Exhibitors
Lee Rhodes
10.00 AM - 5.00 PM

Infusionsoft Certified Partner & Co-founder Jumpdt Media

James Cook

10.40 AM - 11.00 AM MAIN STAGE

Specialist in digital-focused customer acquisition

5 Techniques You Can Use To Increase Sales With Digital Marketing

by Daniel Johnson
11.00 AM - 11.20 AM MAIN STAGE

Business Transformation - Vodafone UK

How To Engage With Big Brands To Grow Your Small Business

by Shruthi Morgan
11.20 AM - 11.40 AM MAIN STAGE

Infusionsoft Certified Partner & Co-founder Jumpdt Media

James Cook

by James Cook
11.40 AM - 12.00 PM MAIN STAGE

Blockchain: Explained

Steve Bishop the Founder of and Flame Concepts, is at the forefront of blockchain development in the ticketing industry, with a tag line of “Ticketing with Integrity” Steve has been providing specialist ticketing solutions for clients such as The Prince’s Trust and Mclaren over the past 7 years. The ticketing industry has been plagued in recent years by fraudulent ticket reselling, and Steve has taken the opportunity to address this through blockchain development - so in the last 12 months, Steve has moved towards Blockchain development.

by Steve Bishop
2.00 PM - 2.30 PM MAIN STAGE


How to use features in magazines and newspapers to raise your profile and increase sales.

by Rafael DosSantos
2.20 PM - 2.50 PM MAIN STAGE

Taking Control of Online & Digital to Grow You& Business

Carol has been helping women in business gain digital literacy for over 30 years! Having computerised the company she worked for in 1986, and armed with a degree in Visual Communications, Carol founded her company We Get Digital over 10 years ago. The first thing she did was to write a book called Smart Website Planning. And now, We Get Digital is renowned for helping businesses get their Website and online presence right.

by Carol Verity Mann
12.00 PM - 12.30 PM MAIN STAGE

How To Build A Business That Customers Can’t Stop Buying From

Naeem Arif, is a Customer Focus Enabler, helping his clients connect with their customers better. He is the author of ‘Customer First’ and has consulted for global brands like Jaguar Landrover, The BBC, British Airways, B&Q and Sony. He is also the Vice Chair of the Midlands Retail Forum, an organisation that supports businesses in the Retail, Leisure & Hospitality sectors.

by Naeem Arif
12.40 PM - 1.10 PM MAIN STAGE

How to Increase Your Income Using Your Network + Our Platform

Sandro Heitor Sandro Heitor originally from Portugal, enthusiast, motivated and creative approach to the industry has lead him to be one of the three founding partners of Trio Maintenance Ltd. Sandro, who use to work as an accounts executive for a fine art publisher in Chelsea decided after buying his first London property in 2009 at the age of 22 that this was something he would want to pursue further. Since May 2010, Sandro has acquired the experience and contacts in the industry to understand what the demand is and the "cracks" that need to be addressed to make a "Difference".

by Sandro Heitor
1.20 PM - 1.50 PM MAIN STAGE

Why Being Environmental is Good for Business?

Will founded Green Element - An Environmental Management Consulting Agency in 2004 to help companies improve their environmental performance and boost profits. Will set up Compare Your a software that helps you adhere to legislation, reduce and quantify your total carbon footprint in 2018. Will was interviewed by the Business Reporter earlier this year about why savvy businesses are securing their green credentials while saving money - you can watch the interview here Paying attention to environmental impact is a fundamental part of a successful business strategy and makes a real, tangible difference to where it matters the most – the bottom line. Results speak louder than words and you can read (and watch) our most recent success story from Grant Thornton UK LLP here -

by William Richardson
3.10 PM - 3.40 PM MAIN STAGE

How To Raise Money For Your Business

Emma is the co-founder of the Business Shaper Group. Her background is marketing, she was Group Marketing Manager at one of the UK’s leading insurance brokers for many years. She then decided to set up her own Sales & Marketing agency, working with her clients she found that they were all growing, so needed access to cash to help them grow faster. Working with local LEP’s she was able to unlock grants to help them unlock the potential. In 2013 there was a real decline in the grant funding available, so she then got into the equity space helping founders gain access to equity funding.

by Emma Douglas
1.10 PM - 1.30 PM MAIN STAGE

A Migrant, An Impact

Thiago would be talking about how us, as migrants, are going through the challenges of living away from home and building success. The power in embracing a new culture. Learning through the challenges. Overcoming, establishing, relevance and legacy

by Thiago Squair
1.40 PM - 2.10 PM MAIN STAGE

How To Develop A Sale Strategy

Tanya Hadzhieva is the Business Development Executive at High Profile Club, an award-winning tech PR platform that connects entrepreneurs with the media in order to make them more visible, more credible and more influential. Tanya is a sales expert. She has efficiently and effectively expanded the clubs membership in the UK and abroad. Tanya understands the challenges that entrepreneurs face and offers solutions to match their needs. Tanya is also an interpreter, speaking English and Bulgarian. She has previously worked in the public sector, helping a variety of clients.

by Tanya Hadzhieva

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Migrant Business Show

Migrant Business Show


What is the migrant business show?

The show is committed to bringing a variety of likeminded individuals together to emphasize the integration between British and Migrant entrepreneurs and offers contact to an audience of over 2000 entrepreneurs, including your peers, key potential customers, those in which you can formulate partnerships with and more. The day is all about celebrating the successes and integration of British and migrant entrepreneurs. You can exhibit yourself and your business at the event or you can come as a guest. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet likeminded individuals, increase your network and even sell some of your services.

Who is going to attend and how many people?

Who or what companies will be exhibiting?

Awards at the Houses of Parliament

Awards at the Houses of Parliament

Venue Info

— Awards at the Houses of Parliament
Amba Hotel Marble Arch
Bryanston St - London - W1H 7EH

— 27 Apr 2019

— 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Contact Info

London - UK


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